The tezos XYZ is Really a Blockchain, associated with a virtual bookstore known as Tez. They rely mainly on evidence tezbox not connected to mainnet of stake mechanism. The tezos needed a exact successful preliminary coin that or ICO. Once you’ve got your own tezos in your ico pocket it’s secure from thieving. But if you want Tezos ico restore, sure things Must Be Adopted:

The way to restore your tezos Out of ico
First, You’ve Got to maintain Your own tezos protected in a pocket, like that, you can make use of the Tezo ico wallet. You can find two keys to continue to keep your pocket secure, that is people key and the private secret. The private key is a exact essential requirement if you would like to recoup your tezos out of ico. The private key contains a keyword that should lost will ensure it is not possible to recoup your own Tez. Thus simply take careful attention when you utilize your private keywords. To revive your tezos from ico:

Visit your Tezbox website
Choose renew from ico pocket
Enter seed duration, password and email address

Tezbox will need a password in order that it can get your wallet, enter a Intricate password
Today You Get Your accessibility for your ico wallet plus You’re Able to recover your tezos
Where can I shop my own tezos?
Your tezos may be kept For partitioning in almost any Tezos pocket. You can find plenty of pockets readily accessible:
Ledger Nano-X
Ledger nano X/T
Tez box pocket and much more.

Opt for the right wallet To continue to keep your tezos protected. To keep your tezos safe in the pocket and also to take charge of your tezos subsequently retaining the privatekey protected is also very important. So as the tezos are secure in the Tezos wallet web, your personal keyshould also maintain a protected location where no body can get hold of this.