SEO (search engine optimisation) has the primary goal of bringing in more organic website traffic to your business website. Targeted website traffic is essential to be able to convert them into customers and this is achieved through thorough keyword and competitor research.

How SEO works

In order to achieve great results with Gold Coast SEO, there are a couple factors that must be put to work. They are;

1. Keywords

This means you create content around a certain specific word or words. Usually, this is the main word that readers will be searching for on search engines. Google will make it easier for visitors to find your site if you distribute these words evenly and relevantly throughout your content.

2. Content

Good content will keep readers to your site longer. This will send good signals to Google, that you actually have good content that deserves to rank number one on Google pages.

3. Titles and headings

Catchy titles will prompt the visitor to click on your content. This, in turn, will increase traffic to your site. Make sure your titles and headlines are inviting enough.

4. Links and backlinks

Well-built and relevant links to your site help you appear as an authority in your industry niche. Also, keep in mind that broken or irrelevant links will send off the visitor and this will affect your Google rankings.

5. User experience [UX]

This refers to the experience your visitors will have once they land in your site. To optimise UX for search engines, make sure that;

– your site loads fast
– there are no broken links
– you have great content
– you use relevant and useful images
– minimal ads

Advantages of SEO

1. Create brand awareness
2. Bring quality traffic to your site
3. High conversion rates
4. Builds business’s credibility
5. it is free and effective


SEO is the backbone of every business. It is therefore very important to optimise your site for search engines.