A conditioner is a hair product that you use after shampoo to add moisture to the hair. It helps to boost the feel, texture, and appearance of your hair. A good conditioner should offer protection against damage. It should help your hair bounce back to its best natural state. To get the perfect hair conditioner, you need to understand your hair condition and hair type. Knowing the hair type means understanding how your hair appears and feels in top form even without using hair thickening oil.

The goal of the conditioner
The shampoo is fluid, while a conditioner is thicker and has more substance. Conditioners aim to maintain hair moisture. They protect it from environmental and sun threats. Failure to use a conditioner exposes your hair to more potential damage.

Your hair types
Understanding your hair type makes it easy to choose a perfect conditioner. Dry hair breaks easily. It needs a thick conditioner rich in nourishing ingredients to tame your hair and give it a healthy look. The conditioner should reduce frizz and split ends appearance.

If your hair is not dry or oily, then go for a standard conditioner. Moisturize your hair without weighing your hair or making it look oily.

For oily hair around the scalp, the conditioner should focus on your hair ends. It will reduce oil or clog the hair follicles. Such hair doesn’t need much conditioner to maintain hair health.

Damage types
Color damage. Frequent hair coloring can damage it. The chemicals used can weaken the hair structure. They make them appear dull, lifeless, and break if not treated. Such bleached hair will require specific conditioners to treat.

Straighteners or curling tongs are good in the short term but have long-term damages to your hair. They make your hair dry and lifeless, making it ideal for getting a hair conditioner to curb the scenario.

For split ends, it means your hair is struggling to keep up. You need a good damage repair conditioner to curb the situation.

With the above guideline, you will be able to get the best fit conditioner for your hair.