Syndicated News with Ruthie DiTucci

Click here to listen to SyndicatedNews.NET talk about Michele’s first episode of Chained To My Ex.

A Fresh Perspective with Dr. Laura Berman

Click here to listen to Oprah Radio host Dr. Laura Berman talk with Judge Michele Lowrance, author of The Good Karma Divorce, about her fresh take on love, marriage and divorce from a young, unmarried woman’s perspective.

Family Matters with Jill Egizii on Syndicated News

Click here to hear Michele discuss the role of the court in divorce as it relates to the well-being of the children.  Host Jill Egizii leads the discussion with guests Judge Michele Lowrance and Dr. J. Michael Bone.

Parental Alienation Round Table Discussion on Syndicated News – 4/14/2010

Click here to listen to the lively round table discussion on Parental Alienation, as originally broadcasted on the Blog Talk Radio show, Syndicated News, on April 14, 2010.   Judge Michele Lowrance, author Jill Egizii and Dr. J. Michael Bone talked with callers from around the globe about this important, yet under-recognized, issue.