Are you a business with hourly-paid workers or who handles a lot of data, and it’s getting hard for you to keep track of all the collected data? There is one solution for all of your data collection problems. That’s construction timesheet software that keeps records and maintains information for you and provides you with accurate data analytics at the end. Punch Clock Al is a construction timesheet software that controls the forms of your business for you.

How does it work?

PunchClock works as artificial intelligence for your business as a digital clock that tracks the hour of employment and stores the data. The software’s goal is to save time so that you can use that time to grow and expand your business. PunchClock provides the business manager or a person with a handheld device or tablet wherein they can access the data at any time. The construction timesheet software is a live system that works on Wi-Fi or via data so that the managers or the person in charge can access it anytime.

PunchClock offers different packages according to the type of business. There are small business plan for employees with 1-10 employees, medium company plan for employees with 11-31 employees, and for big enterprises, PunchClock generates customized software for data collection.

Features of construction timesheet software
• Facial recognition
• Fingerprint recognition
• RFID keycard recognition
• Unlimited Projects
• Generate Accurate Pay Slips
• Set Overtime & Holiday Pay
• QuickBooks Integration
• Cash Advance Deductions
• Generate Cash Denominations
• Generate Cheques Payments
• Generate Payroll Authorization
• Multiple Location Usage
• Live Device Tracking
• 24hr support available

An employee can clock in his working entry when he starts working and can clock out when he is done. The software then automatically generates the result at the end of the month with accurate data. The software has facial recognition or fingerprint recognition to avoid any misuse of the employees’ software.